Time Without Light

by Deadists

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Scumbag Raw, fuzzy and aggressive! This EP blows me away every time I hear it and it only gets better with repeated listens! Kinda makes me think of Aussie band Contrive, only with a more offbeat bent to it. Fantastic stuff! Favorite track: Human Stain.
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"Crank it up really high and these dudes will boot down every door in the whole neighbourhood! - 8/10" (Planet Fuzz Webzine)

"The Deadists are a swedish band. It'd be pretty limiting to define them Stoner-metal or stoner-doom, infact their sound is rich and gathers even muddier influences from people like High on Fire and Melvins, but it is characterized also by atmosphere interludes that are pretty far from the genre and leaning towords trip music.
Time without light is their second ep this year and with its almost thirty minutes it's like a shovel well slammed in your face (very good compliment in italian for heavy music)... but it's very well dosed in 5 tracks that diversify the intensity." " the band is very well prepared, infact their songs show a lot of work, they manage to express genuine sensations, which is a very positive thing and makes them a very interesting band to follow carefully in the genre.
Time without light is another important brick for the stoner scene coming from sweden, great music that is worth the money! (Aristocrazia Webzine)

"Mature and full of a the most terrifying resentment and feeling of unsecurity and uncertainty that furher increases the tension. 7.5/10" (Heavy Impact Webzine)

"Many people today believe that sincere and true metal has died a natural death a long time ago, while cd's such as this mock the voice of such opinions."
"Without a shadow of doubt I can say that this is one of the best CDs of recent years' sludge!" (Mrozna Strefa Webzine)

"There’s a great deal heaviness on this EP; making it a quite unique effort for this kind of a genre. It has this edgy and aggressive approach, being not as mournful and misanthropic as majority of modern doom acts. Having said that I don’t see The Deadists as pure doom act; as their music contains both elements of sludge, alternative, stoner and even a bit of hardcore."
"Esp. the vocals are quite heavy, and when supplemented by some equally heavy and punishing riffs, evil bass lines and hellish drumming, it sounds simply amazing." (Metal Revolution Webzine)

"This is without a doubt one of the surprises of the year so far, original, dynamic and extremely raw but with a fair amount of metallic polish, The Deadists should establish themselves as one of the new leading lights in the Swedish stoner doom scene. 9/10" (Earthdog Promotions)


released December 5, 2010



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Deadists Sweden

Deadists are a Gothenburg based band who mark the point where doom and sludge turns into progressive metal.

Dark maths rule & riffs aplenty. These Musicnauts are firing on all cylinders. Flying in their onslaught of your senses. This oozes professionalism not matched by the majority of major label bands. (The Sleeping Shaman)
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